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Expert.ai Insurance for Risk Engineering

AI to Support Risk Engineering

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Traditional Risk Engineering methods can no longer keep pace with today’s demands. With seasoned Risk Engineers retiring, and fewer newcomers joining the profession, insurers are facing a scarcity of skilled resources to thoroughly review every report. Moreover, they must be very selective about the type of commercial property underwriting they accept.

Finally, conducting assessments is labor intensive and requires a high level of expertise that is costly and
time consuming.

At expert.ai, we leverage natural language understanding to read all available documents and extract key
information. This empowers insurers to quickly identify risk exposure without the limitations of traditional processes (e.g., limited capacity, high level of subjectivity and expensive costs, etc.). In doing so, organizations can relieve their risk engineers from routine tasks and allow them to focus on more complex cases. In turn, this helps underwriting teams turn around quotes for new policies faster.

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