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The Green Glass Approach to Responsible AI

Expert.ai builds transparent, sustainable, and human-centered technology that works efficiently and reliably. We call our industry-leading commitment to building responsible AI the “Green Glass Approach.”

Most AI platforms are built like black boxes.
Instead, expert.ai takes the Green Glass approach.


Unlike many AI platforms, the outcomes that our platform generates are easily explainable. Humans can understand how expert.ai’s algorithms arrive at results.


Expert.ai’s Hybrid AI approach is far less computation-intensive than most pure Machine Learning or neural networks. Less computing = less energy = lower carbon footprint.


Our Hybrid AI platform is the most efficient and reliable way to solve NL tasks. Human objectives shaped the design of our technology – not the other way around.


Our Hybrid AI uses a “human-in-the-loop” approach, where data and inputs can be monitored and refined by users. So if an outcome is misleading, biased, or wrong, users can intervene to prevent future mistakes.

Responsible AI is Good Business

Our platform’s hybrid design enables a level of explainability that readies enterprises for anticipated environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulations and requirements. To further explain our transparent, human-centered approach, please visit our Responsible AI resources.

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