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Enterprise Language Model for Insurance

The expert.ai Platform for Insurance provides insurance teams with a way to automate the repetitive tasks associated with document reviews, extraction and assessments, freeing up time to focus on de-risking underwriting decisions, determining coverage and conducting preliminary claims investigations.

Leveraging the Enterprise Language Model for Insurance (ELMI), expert.ai insurance solutions are designed to make it easy to access reusable, secure, and real-world-tested functionality specifically built for insurance companies. Expert.ai insurance solutions can read, understand, and extract essential data from medical, accident, submissions, score risk engineering reports, triage claims based on urgency and severity, classify record by type and generate summaries.

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increase in risk reports examined


accuracy of automated policy review


reduction in claim document review time


reduction in policy review times

Insurance Solution Areas

Claims Handling

Automatically extract critical data needed to accelerate claims processes (P&C, Life, Workers Compensation, Pet, etc.) and enable subject matter experts to focus on high-value tasks.


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Risk Engineering

Use AI to assess risks, highlight unintended exposure and identify policy inconsistencies.


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Policy Review

Instantly compare placing slips to speed up the contract renewal process. Our technology automatically reads, understands and extracts discrepancies and misalignments between new and previous slips, lowering operational costs for manual evaluation and improving win rates.


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Submissions Intake

Easily sort through hundreds of submissions to prioritize submissions, extract unstructured data from attachments and expedite routing based on underwriting triage guidelines.


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