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Climbing the peaks of unstructured data, you can breathe the mindfulness of innovation.
-Paolo - Director, Verticals R&D
Expert.ai is a good ecosystem where you can improve yourself and spend your talent. We are continuously at the frontier of innovation, helping our clients to face the new IT challenges.
-Anna – Knowledge Solutions Analyst
I've never had a single boring day since I first got here. Be prepared to face complex challenges, sometimes yet unsolved problems, with big companies worldwide, and succeed.
-Nico - Chief Scientist
If you want to be part of a company that helps you grow and makes you feel like your voice matters, you should join Expert.ai! As a woman in technology, I feel like my opinion matters and my voice is heard. It’s hard to find a company that gives you the tools to expand your knowledge and move up the organization.
-Ramona - Director, Customer Success
In few words: teamwork, diversity, passion, Pursue of Growth.
-Mihaela - Sales Administration Specialist – France

Company Culture

In our path towards the future, we are driven by the corporate culture based on the guiding principles that define how we work together:
Put team above self
Grow smart together
Get things done
Become an expert
Be a good person
“Team of Teams” Attitude:
Teams share a sense of purpose
Teams know their share of the task
Teams know what is going on around them
Teams trust each other
What We Offer
Flexible working arrangements and attention to work/life balance
Globally diverse and multicultural team
Customized induction and onboarding programs
Team-first culture
Opportunities for professional training and development
In-depth training on our products and technology
Leadership training and development
Annual performance assessments
Bottom-up feedback towards your manager

We currently have people in 7 different countries and we pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce. We consider this to be one of our greatest strengths. We show our diversity through race, color, gender, age, national origin and disability, and we value all our differences. That means that no form of discrimination or restriction is allowed.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone feels looked after, valued and respected. Read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion here.