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Turn language into data so your team can make better decisions.

Language powers business. Teams spend enormous amounts of time immersed in the language of work — processing and interpreting documents, learning jargon, searching for information as well as engaging with both customers and each other. Language fuels processes, shapes internal and external communication, and offers insight into target markets.

The expert.ai hybrid natural language platform provides a deep understanding of language, from complex documents (e.g., contracts, emails, reports, etc.) to social media messages, and turns it into knowledge and insight. This makes for faster, better decisions without all the manual, time-consuming work.

Powerful enough to support the most challenging language-intensive processes and simple enough for businesspeople to use, the expert.ai Platform uncovers the hidden language of your business so you can power any process or application that relies on language data.

Expert.ai Hybrid Natural Language Platform


Key capabilities of the platform include:

Language Data Tools
Capture deep language insight and make knowledge discovery more effective and precise with an end-to-end solution that provides labeling, model training, testing, annotation and workflows with the highest confidence and accuracy levels.
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Intelligent Document Processing
Quickly retrieve and classify documents from your repositories. Streamline high-volume, repetitive, and error-prone data extraction tasks. Leverage the analysis to automate business workflows and enterprise processes.
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Hybrid AI
The perfect approach for overcoming natural language challenges. The expert.ai Platform combines machine learning, symbolic knowledge representation, with the latest large language models to produce the highest quality results that are easily explainable, highly scalable and cost effective. Add human-in-the-loop (HITL) feedback to fine-tune models and capture subject matter expertise.
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Domain Language Models
Be smarter from the start with domain-specific language models built on 30+ years of expertise in industries such as insurance, technology, financial services and media. Quickly connect the business-specific elements (e.g., process-specific concepts, events and actors) that are needed by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to correctly provide domain-specific context.
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NLP Ecosystem
Deliver custom-made natural language solutions faster than you can build them from scratch. Integrate enterprise-ready AI components into natural language application pipeline and systems you are building. Use RPA connectors to speed deployment and integrate with the systems where your language data resides and needs to be used as an input.
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You provide the text. Expert.ai provides the context to power your business.


Your abilities to understand language and extract data in documents, manage interactions in natural language and handle unstructured information are critical to establishing a competitive advantage, regardless of the industry you play in.

Expert.ai helps you to augment those abilities and instantly impact your business via its natural language technology. Discover the difference it can make for your business.

Unlock the Power of Hybrid AI
Get the best of both symbolic and machine learning AI techniques and apply them separately or in combination, to ensure the highest accuracy for each project.
Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
Consolidate natural language tool portfolios and minimize technical debt by building and deploying a single, comprehensive platform for multiple use cases across your organization.
Better Decisions with Fewer Errors
Reduce human errors and provide subject matter experts the power to find the insights and identify the relationships that matter most – enabling faster and more consistent business decisions.
Be Smarter from the Start
Leverage deep domain knowledge in Insurance, Financial Services and Media out of the box and easily customizable to your business.
Manage Unstructured Data Easily
Empower non-technical teams to investigate, extract and analyze unstructured language data sources quickly, easily and automatically.
Accelerate Time to Production
Deliver custom-made AI natural language-based solutions in significantly less time.

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