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Expert.ai’s Labs were established in 1994 in Modena, Italy. Today, the company has R&D facilities in Europe and USA.

Our Labs bring together engineers and developers, linguistic professionals and researchers and technology specialists to expand the capabilities of expert.ai technology and cognitive computing to help organizations and society make better use of big data and human knowledge. Since 1994, our Labs have played an important role in helping the expert.ai technology automatically understand the meaning of words in the everyday language we use to communicate (using semantic analysis and natural language processing).

Our Work: Artificial Intelligence Making People Smarter

Expert.ai technology is unique. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms that go beyond the limits of traditional technologies, expert.ai understands words in context (semantics), just as humans do when they read and communicate.

At our Labs, our work is based on the principle that, without human-like comprehension, the cognitive abilities of computers will always be limited. At the same time, we also recognize that it’s the unique combination of human intelligence, intuition and creativity that inform our decisions and help us use all of the knowledge around us. Therefore, at our Labs, we’re 100% focused on bringing these elements together by harnessing intelligence for cognitive computing. Thanks to our R&D efforts, we’re constantly powering a piece of artificial intelligence that, through more intelligent systems, will also make people smarter.