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Submission Intake

Automate intake reviews and deliver quotes faster

Being able to respond first with an appropriate quote and ultimately win the business—requires the ability to process underwriting submissions Submission Intake in Underwritingquickly and efficiently. The nature of typical submission packages—multiple documents, multiple formats, manual processing slows this process down considerably.

It’s also expensive. In order to process quotes appropriately, teams must manually review the submission package in order to extract and then enter the relevant data needed to process quotes appropriately. Furthermore, the volume spikes due to seasonal and regulatory changes makes it even more difficult to keep the submission intake process fast and efficient.

Expert.ai solutions use natural language processing AI to automatically read documents, identify the required data and extract data fields across multiple documents with better accuracy than humans can. With expert.ai, our customers are able to improve submission processing times by up to 50-60% and write more business that meets the risk appetite faster, accelerate response times and deliver a better customer experience.

Put expert.ai for Submission Intake to work

24×7 Coverage of Email and Attachments
Automatically reading emails and attachments in submission packages

Submission Prioritization
Prioritizing and routing submissions to underwriters based on renewals, leads, or endorsements

Document Classification
Classifying documents by type, extraction approach, and privacy requirements.

Data Extracts
Extract data from unstructured text or semi-structured forms.

Easy Integration
Integrating your required data into the decisioning system with data normalization and augmentation data to meet the requirements of your systems.

Rules Validation
Validating via rules that submissions are complete and correct and automatically routing requests to brokers for missing info.


Benefit from AI augmented Submission Intake with:

  • Accelerate underwriting review times by 50% improving customer and broker experiences and win rates
  • Improve efficiency and straight-through processing by reducing the time and resources needed for manual data entry and processing
  • Quickly and accurately extracts the precise information needed from multiple submission documents
  • Automatically analyze submission packages to flag missing information make more informed decisions
  • Operational cost savings with a 24×7 solution that never sleeps and can continuously process intake documents

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