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Listen to What Your Documents Are Trying to Say with the expert.ai NL API.

Analyze text in a matter of seconds, all without putting on your reading glasses. Use natural language understanding (NLU) to gain insight into the people, places and words that matter to your business. Check out some of the things you can do with the expert.ai Platform:

  • Quickly classify angry and happy customer emails by tone and sentiment.
  • Extract key elements from complex documents without manual review.
  • Categorize news articles, wiki entries or blog posts without any training.

There are so many ways to harness the power of natural language understanding. Give our NL API capabilities a try and see what your documents can tell you.

Understand when an apple is a fruit, a company or a person.

Resolve ambiguities in text by quickly identifying the main people, organizations and places discussed and the relationships between concepts by assigning a specific meaning to each word.

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Understand how to categorize documents.

Out of the box and without any training, categorize articles based on embedded taxonomies which include IPTC media topics and a geographic taxonomy.

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Understand if the tone is positive or negative.

Sentiment analysis features evaluate concepts, as well as the relationships between these concepts, and other elements in text to identify whether the overall tone of the content is positive or negative.

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Understand if the customer is feeling joy.

Leverage taxonomies of emotional and behavioral traits to identify the emotions displayed in text and the personality traits associated with a person. For example, if an email from a customer contains words associated with happiness, the writer’s state of mind will be categorized as happy.

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Understand who did what.

Identify the relationships between the subject, action and object words (SAO) in a sentence to answer questions such as “who did what, when?”

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Understand if information is sensitive.

Automatically identify and classify personally identifiable information (PII) that needs to be protected to maintain compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

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Understand the writer’s style.

Use Writeprint forensic linguistics to provide information on the readability of a text, vocabulary richness, document structure and grammar. This stylometric analysis can be used to identify characteristics of an author such as education level or compare multiple documents to identify the author.

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These are just a few examples of what you can do with the expert.ai NL API. Learn how expert.ai can help your company.